VR One Review – Virtual Reality in a Backpack?!


Dave2D review of the MSI VR One. A backpack VR system that delivers the best experience on the market right now. This thing is super fun!
Available Here – http://amzn.to/2gc5Fz7

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34 thoughts on “VR One Review – Virtual Reality in a Backpack?!”

  1. What if, in the midst of your virtual battle, you sit on a cactus in your room? Or if you run away in a virtual world you suddenly passionately kiss the wall of the real world? Well, or when you enter the virtual door, you suddenly feel a sense of flight, and when you leave the virtual world, you realize that you are faced with a real problem, such as leaving the window on the 95th floor?

  2. Ive owned the MSI VR ONE for 8 months now.
    Honestly, untethered VR is sooo great!
    It doesnt feel heavy at all.
    The only downside is the battery life.
    I cant seem to find the battery packs or rechargers anywhere.

  3. just get a laptop, and a backpack like you bring to school,
    put your laptop in it and boom no need for $2000, i mean unless you just have it laying around then by all means spend it

  4. I think this idea is cool in concept.. especially for portable vr.. instead of having the computer built into the headset, have an external type device,, maybe something you can wear on ur belt.. something more powerful than mobile processors etc.


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