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24 thoughts on “The VR Shop – Unboxing & Hands on Review – VR EYE”

  1. I actually have this Headset and to be honest, in my opinion It's not that good. Especially when you are playing games, because if you want to use both your eyes too see out of it, you get a line in-between your eyes so you can't really see anything in good condition. When I got the Headset I played a horror game but the problem was `I couldn't see properly into the game because of the little Wall in-between your two eyes` So I wouldn't really buy this headset again.

    Nice video, but if your looking for a better Headset I'd probably go for Oculus for better Graphics. <3

  2. Very dishonest review, its very clear from the grubby fingermarks all over the front of the unit that this wasnt a true unboxing. Clearly unpacked then shoddily reboxed for the "unboxing" Why lie? You say no qr code, but its clearly visible in the instructions. Cynical, dishonest and disingenuos

  3. I just got one in Rymans as it was half price at £14.99
    The field of view is atrocious. No where near the Google Cardboard.
    The unit feels heavy on the head and the strap doesn't do much to stop it from weighing forward/down.
    The one good feature on it is that the lenses can be moved forward and backwards so when I move them closer to my eyes I don't need reading classes.

  4. This review was interesting because I bought the exact same headset and the controller and remote were bagged, and included a microfiber cloth which was also packeted, whilst also including some small foam pads so your smartphone could fit snug in the headset. strange.


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