Olympus VR-320 : Review


10 thoughts on “Olympus VR-320 : Review”

  1. Have had the VR-320 for over 12 mths. Now will not fire up even after putting in new battery and card. When turned on the amber light flashes, the date screen comes up for a few seconds then it closes down. Can still retrieve images when plugged into computer but nothing happening when trying to fire up for image taking. Any advice welcome before throwing out.

  2. I am looking at getting a VR-320 and this review is one of the few available. The look is grainy and I got motion sick from all the movement. Try and use the macro when you do close ups and preset the tripod before you start the recording. I am sorry to say but this review did not assist me at all in making a decision on getting this camera or a Nikon.


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