Holofit Review – VR Workout App For Multiple Fitness Machines!!


Holofit is a subscription-based VR app that puts you plus various home-gym equipment inside a virtual environment to make home exercise more fun & motivational. I’m adding this to my VR workout routine!
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If you have been following us for a while already, then you may know that I’m a fan of VR workouts. At the start of the lockdown in The Netherlands, I started to dive into workout apps and games available in the Matrix, and I’ve never stopped. I’ve honestly never been this active in my life before, so I’m extra grateful to have VR in my life during these times. This is why I think its worth it to share these kinda things on this channel too. Today, Holofit gave me a subscription to try it out, so we’re gonna dive into their app.

00:00 Intro
00:54 What is Holofit VR
01:46 What do you need?
02:28 My Setup
03:02 Initial Software Setup
04:18 Holofit Oculus Quest Gameplay
07:56 Holofit Review Conclusion

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VR on!
– Cas and Chary VR

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33 thoughts on “Holofit Review – VR Workout App For Multiple Fitness Machines!!”

  1. Do you have a fitness machine? If so which one and would you get Holofit for it? Let us know your thoughts here!

    It supports us if you watch the entire video, but for those in lack of time, the timestamps are in the description! ♥

  2. Hello, I unfortunately have to terminate my test access because I feel sick under the headset when driving. Where do I have to cancel the test access? Didn't Leideer find anything on the Holofit website? Can you help me?

  3. I have a Concept2 Rower with bluetooth. Love using the Holofit app! Looking forward to more and improved graphical scenes. The company is also extremely helpful and responsive when needed.

  4. My VR exercise routine is the cheapest ever!
    An Oculus quest, one pedal exerciser and some YouTube 360 video of bike rides, walks, canoeing, I even use one of a dog with a camera on his back 😂😂😂 plus I play Beat Saber and that's enough 😆

  5. Great vid! I’ve been looking for something that works well with an elliptical. Did you experience any vestibular discomfort with the up/down motion of your cross trainer?

  6. Cas and Chary! Love your channel! I just tried supernatural and made a video on my channel! Your channel has been a source of inspiration as I am a new Quest user! Thank you for all your amazing videos!!

  7. Personally its the just running, or the just rowing that is turning me off. I would love some shooting or something else in there. The idea of multyplayer to me sounds cool though.

  8. I have to agree with you, thankfully to VR I have remained active more than ever during these times. I've found ways to exercise while enjoying some adrenaline fueled gaming. Unfortunately I do no have any equipment inside my apartment yet we do have a gym but I enjoy other forms of gaming exercise. My iWatch Stand ring are always closed first and looks hacked unfortunately.

  9. Hmm one hand I like to idea of having a silicon cover for my headset to protect from sweat so I can actually work-out and due to that feel mentally better for doing something physical.
    On the other hand I don't like the idea of losing my only excuse to not work-out in VR cause I'm lazy.. Ugh, such a dilemma.


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