Playing Beat Saber (!) and More in Dreams VR Gameplay Review – Ians VR Corner


The long awaited Dreams VR update is finally out for Dreams VR PS4 and on this week’s Ian’s VR Corner, you can watch Ian give his first impressions on Dreams VR gameplay! In this Dreams VR review, Ian tries out Media Molecule’s VR adventures before diving into some absolutely incredible community creations including a remake of Beat Saber, a tribute to Little Big Planet 3 and even a racing game that gives Motorstorm Apocalypse a run for its money! Is the Dreams VR update worth your time? Find out as Ian plays Dreams VR PS4!

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29 thoughts on “Playing Beat Saber (!) and More in Dreams VR Gameplay Review – Ians VR Corner”

  1. incredible what people have already made for Dreams VR. I think this is the most excited i've been for VR things in general, now that people will be making really crazy things in VR without worrying about things like sales numbers or any publishers breathing down their neck influencing what they can or cannot make.

  2. I just got Dreams yesterday for my PSVR and I played some of these levels too!

    It’s like I no longer need to buy another VR game since Dreams provides infinite games.

    Can’t wait for PS5 and how it’ll make the graphics look better and hopefully allow for more complex dreams.

    Btw there are some great horror creations on there 😉


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