Best VR Archery? In Death VR Review Goes Too Far


In Death VR with a real bow? The guys get dangerous and threaten their viewers. Another wonderful & scandalous VR review. VR Gear – Positioning Mat – Braille For Your Feet

In Death VR is similar to Dark Souls. You’re a rouge bowman fighting your way through a castle with only one life before you start over. This review of In Death Vr on oculus rift shows a lot of In Death gameplay.

If you like bow and arrow vr, this game is truly one of the best new vr games. This could easily be an In Death psvr review as well. PS VR and Oculus have similar In Death vr gameplay. I saw a really cool review for this game also done by node studios, so check out nodestudios if you’d like to see more specifically covering In Death.

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