Best VR Fitness Games Review – Oculus Quest – Adventure Brothers


We carefully test virtual reality fitness/exercise/workout games and pick the best 14: Supernatural, Sprint Vector, BoxVR, Thrill of the Fight, Creed, Bitslap, Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, VZFit, Audio Trip, OhShape, Ninja Legends, Gorn, and Racket: NX. (Most games available for PC VR and Oculus Quest.)

5 Exercise Rating: ~10+ calories/minute (like biking/rowing)
4 Exercise Rating: ~9 calories/minute (like hiking/jogging)
3 Exercise Rating: ~8 calories/minute (like dancing/aerobics)
2 Exercise Rating: ~7 calories/minute (like kayaking/walking)
1 Exercise Rating: ~6 calories/minute (like yoga/volleyball)


00:00 The Adventure Brothers!
01:50 VZFit:
03:41 Supernatural:
06:02 BoxVR:
07:27 OhShape:
08:57 Audio Trip:
10:09 Sprint Vector:
11:38 Racket: NX:
12:36 Ninja Legends:
14:14 Gorn:
15:28 Thrill of the Fight:
17:15 Creed:
18:28 Bitslap:
20:03 Pistol Whip:
21:30 Beat Saber:
22:37 Exercise Tips

Thanks to LIV for a majority of the Mixed Reality Capture tools and lots of questions answered along the way.
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26 thoughts on “Best VR Fitness Games Review – Oculus Quest – Adventure Brothers”

  1. Thank you for the video, definitely will help me make my purchases and one of the best overviews I've seen available on VR fitness.

    I know the rhythm games are a bit overloaded (nature of the beast) but if you or your team were to throw out a quick score for Dance Central how would you rate or rank it?

  2. This video is great! It really showed me some games to play and they were all awesome! Also, great work on the entire video! Thx for this video, I recently just got an oculus quest and I played all these game and they are awesome!

  3. Hi, Hank, this is an incredible video – you clearly put a lot of work into it and I think these sorts of videos are a gateway for people to get into exercising in VR. I was wondering if you're familiar with the work of the VR Health Institute ( where I also contribute? Initially I thought probably not, given the video, but your rating system of Biking, Rowing, Tennis, and Elliptical aligns almost perfectly with the formal VR Health Ratings. Did one inform the other? If you're not familiar, I'd encourage you to check it out, as each game is rated by its actual calorie burn and MET score measured in the lab on metabolic equipment. It's a great resource if people are looking for additional similar information on a broader range of VR exercise titles.

  4. Great video. As a writer for VR Fitness Insider and a huge advocate of VR exercise it's always heartening to see coverage like this. Your choice of games was excellent and you got most of the big hitters. I just wanted to add a couple caveats though as I imagine you didn't get to really spend a huge amount of time with each game reviewing so many. I felt you really undersold the VZFit as being just a collection of mini-games. Yes, VZFit Play is a collection of mini-games but the other half of the VZFit package Explorer is anything but. In fact I'd go so far to say that's it the most complete and comprehensive fitness program in VR today. It has literally millions of miles of roads to explore, starting from the door of your own house. A growing number of people are starting to create epic rides across countries and continents using VZfit. It has multiplayer so you can ride with a friend. Like Supernatural VR it has fully licensed commercial music via Feed.FM that lets you select different musical genres to listen to as you ride. Whilst riding through Utah's arches today I got to listen to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Ruth B and a bunch of other pop/RNB artists. There's also an optional trainer that can ride with you. They can put you through your paces with interval or HIIT training or just keep you company on the ride. VZFit really should have got 5 stars for both game and exercise ratings in my opinion!
    Secondly, if you ever consider doing a follow-up video, there is another excellent service out from Holodia called Holofit that lets you connect not just stationary bikes but also ellipticals and rowing machines up to VR. I just finished reviewing it and you can read more about it here
    It's especially great if you have a Concept 2 or Waterrower to use it with. Having played and in fact reviewed many of the other excellent games you mentioned I have to say that all of my serious training is done with the VZfit and the Holofit now. I'd love to try Supernatural VR but unfortunately, I'm UK based and it's not available here yet!

  5. Great video and thanks for taking a look at VZfit! Just want to let people know that our sensor kit is optional and you can use any Bluetooth 4.0 Speed or Cadence sensor(start around $25) and an the Oculus controllers. Also we have a free membership that has rotating games and rides if you just wanted to try it out.
    Keep the great videos coming πŸ™‚

  6. You guys definitely hit almost all of my favorites! If you ever plan on doing a followup, I'd suggest including Holopoint, Holoball, and Drunkn Bar Fight. Oh, and of course, Blade and Sorcery.

  7. I'm soon to be 65, retired and I live alone. When gyms closed I thought I'd go nuts. Then I discovered Quest "fitness" games and thought well, this will keep me occupied until I can take my bike out and play tennis (I used to coach and play competitively). So, this is pretty much my 3 month review, and I apologize if I'm rambling. πŸ˜‰
    – BoxVR is my go to. They made it easy with daily workouts during this pandemic. No messing around choosing songs. When I started, I could barely do 10 min on Easy. Now I can do the Ultra Intensity 15 min workouts or 40+ on Hard. There's a reason boxing is considered to be one of the best full body workouts.
    – Beat Saber, Synth Riders (which you missed πŸ˜‰ ), I use for "cool down" period. The problem with these other rhythm games is that you need to get pretty good at them in order to get a decent workout. And since I don't care about scores/ranks or practicing songs over an over to become an "Expert", I have to do 45 min to get the same workout BoxVR gives me in 10. The are still fun games though, but I prefer Synth Riders because I prefer their electro swing music. And while you can do custom songs on both, SR developers actually encourage custom songs which makes the process of adding them much simpler (just download from Sidequest).
    – Eleven table tennis. Easy to miss because it's not a "fitness" game" and, same issue as Beat Saber, Synth Riders,… you have to get pretty good to get a decent workout. However, I was already good at it, the physics are outstanding (get the 3D printed paddle adapter), and I can spend hours playing AI or doing ball machine drills (adapted from tennis). And neither ever gets tired. Eleven is my #2.
    – Thrill of the Fight. I tried it once, and in the 3rd round against the first guy I "broke" my shoulder wincing in pain. I've had a small labrum tear in my shoulder for ages, so not entirely the game's fault. However, and I'll ask a physio/orthopedist about this, there has to be something unhealthy about swinging with full force against air (no resistance). This is not an issue with the above games (at least for me) because, again, I don't care about scores and it's easier to hold back. But when you're boxing against an opponent, let's face it, we all want the dude to end up on his arse. I'll play it again, but I'll have to convince myself that winning by decision aint' that bad.
    When VR goes mainstream, I woudn't be surprised to see more injuries stemming from boxing sims and other games with a "Force" mode, where hitting/punching harder gives you more points.
    I have no interest in Supernatural, because I believe their subscription model will fail. Their target audience is already a niche (the Peloton crowd), and it's within an even smaller niche (VR).
    As for other games, Pistol Whip is the one game you mentioned I want to try!
    Oh, and all games are also rated for "fitness" here:
    Keep active and apologies for the rambling. πŸ˜‰

  8. This is such a comprehensive and entertaining video! The production value is high and I assume it took many many hours (and problem solving skills) to make it look so polished and professional! Really well done!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Nice video! how do you got The Thrill of The Fight work with LIV? I have Rift CV1 and donΒ΄t have luck making it work (only got the headset view in the green screen)


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