HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite Review | Is this pricey PC VR gaming setup worth it?


Reviewing the HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite, one of the more expensive VR gaming headsets with full camera tracking for 6 degrees of freedom. If you want to experience next-gen PC VR games, and you have the space and money to spare, this’ll play all of the big titles like Half Life Alyx.

The VIVE Cosmos is one of HTC’s most premium virtual reality headsets, capable of playing games from the Viveport store as well as Steam VR. This is the Elite version, which also comes with two external cameras for tracking your position, while the headset’s lenses can track your motions for impressive precision.

I’ve been testing out the VIVE Cosmos Elite and the technology is definitely impressive, if pricey. Of course, you have to be tethered to your PC the whole time, and you’ll need a reasonably beefy rig to get a smooth VR performance. Not to mention plenty of room to really make the most of it.

Of course, if it’s convenience you’re after, the Oculus Quest is still the best (and more affordable) option. But The Cosmos offers a stronger selection of games and incredible visuals, for the most immersive experience.


33 thoughts on “HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite Review | Is this pricey PC VR gaming setup worth it?”

  1. This was the best decision I've made in awhile. It's very comfortable, easy to learn how to use, and the set up was easier than expected. Will buy Index controllers separate though.

  2. I thought the video was great and very well put together, but you kind of made it sound like the oculus quest is the only other VR headset you can buy. I personally think you could have mentioned that the Rift s and the valve index existed as those are 2 more different price ranges. This would allow the viewer to acknowledge that if they want a cheaper PCVR headset that they should go watch a Rift s review, or if they have more money to spare you could mention the valve index. I understand that this is not a comparison, I just wish that you included the other options along with the pricing. Once again amazing review just I think you could have added these details 🙂

  3. It's bad when the world has been going through such a difficult time and people are taking advantage of it by inflating the prices on a lot of things especially these VR headsets. You get a lot of people like this are on here promoting these headset knowing about this well know issue but as long as you can help make money off people it's all good.

  4. they aint 'Cameras' mate. they are more like barcode scanners. The headset detects the laser from those 'base stations' to figure out where it is. its basically GPS for your face.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I tried the VIVE back when it was still a new concept, and required a way overpriced PC to play, and I instantly fell in love. I'm finally to a point that I'm considering buying and this video, especially with the fact that you an Oculus rift fan, is keeping me wanting the VIVE. Yes it's pricey but the experience is amazing in my opinion 😊


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