Brain Man VR Episode 2 Part 1 Review of I Expect You To Die & Dragon Orb


The Neuroformer shares his top tips on how to boost your Virtual Reality experiences from a neuroscience-informed perspective, whether you have a Vive, Oculus, PSVR or any other virtual reality kit.

In this, the second of the weekly episodes of Brain Man VR, two virtual reality games are reviewed in three chunks that make up an hour-long episode:

1) I Expect You To Die – a love letter to 007. A wonderful unofficial VR ode to the James Bond franchise. Even the opening credits had me in ecstasy. You won’t know what the fuss is about from when viewing in flat screen world, but inside this particular VR world it is a very special experience.

2) Dragon Orb – very simple concept: pick up two orbs of the same colour and knock their heads together. Really gets you moving. A gaming dynamic that can only really work in the context of virtual reality. Not earth shattering stuff, but a nice step in the right direction.

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