33 thoughts on “BORDERLANDS VR REVIEW”

  1. I hate that I can’t read anything on the edges of the screen. I can’t see the mini map or and objectives that pop up on the edges. Is anyone else having this problem? I even set the eye distance to my eyes after measuring them.

  2. Yo what's up Frankie,
    Last time I spoke to ya was when Fairpoint first hit. So here I am again with more questions haha. I was wondering what VR game to purchase. Now I'm looking for something super fun, so if you could between Borderlands 2, Firewall Zero Hour, Wipeout, and Home Sweet Home. Give me your opinion on what is the top best one to purchase. I could just go all out and buy them all lol. But kinda just want to stick with one VR Game right now.

  3. I'm getting a PS VR for christmas and it made me findyour channel (REALLY glad about that). Borderlands 2 is my favorite game of all time and I can't wait to play it in VR!


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