Is This VR Headset Worth $400? – Oculus Rift S Review


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19 thoughts on “Is This VR Headset Worth $400? – Oculus Rift S Review”

  1. Sounds like a great starter kit to PC VR. Non-removable foam is a killer, though. My sweat is incredibly potent at rapidly destroying foam, plastics, and other materials. I'd really like to hear how the Valve Index works out. I'm still on the fence (it's nice to have a friend with a VR set).

  2. If you want 'real' games with depth and lasting power you should try Sims such as DCS flight sim or Project Cars 2 etc. Just be aware you will be sucked in forever because in VR you really feel like you are in the vehicles and doing the dogfighting or racing 😀😀😀😀

  3. Well it´s not bad VR headset but as a CV 1 owner I was quite disappointed and returned Rift S. Resolution has improved (cca 20 -25 % max) but definitely does not justify spending another 449€. Sound solution – horrible. Controllers are OK but inferior to CV 1 controllers. Joysticks and buttons feel wobbly and loud as on a cheap gamepad. No cables is definitely big +. I´d recommend to CV 1 owners to wait for something better but as a first VR headset it´s best value for money right now.

  4. I wish Xbox supported VR. I would love it, not so much for the 3d, but rather in FPSs or racing games, I want to be able to turn my head and see what is going on around me without having to change where I am aiming.


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