NECA: Godzilla 2003 *Hyper Maser Blast Vr * | Figure Review



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**Due to making the THANK YOU NECA portion its own video, you all now have more time to get your entries in! The new cut off date is 11/4/2020**

– Introduce yourself, your channel, your project, your anything!

– Have your favorite NECA Godzilla Figure (or your entire collection) in frame

– Let NECA know how much you appreciate their Godzilla line (spoken or typed)

– Keep the video under a minute long – You may send in pictures as well!

– Please have your video file in the google drive folder by 11/4/2020!

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19 thoughts on “NECA: Godzilla 2003 *Hyper Maser Blast Vr * | Figure Review”

  1. I don't plan on leaving this channel, its too cazy and fun. You know when i picked up mine it said glow in the dark, there's now one glowingpart on it!! Looks like Godzilla went crazy with the mustard here, loving it though. Toho messe dup by ending this line……………………………………. That face schinp schinp!!!!

  2. I like this repaint, but I think NECA could have removed the scar, having a regular chest and releasing it as a 2002 KiryuGoji from Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. That way they could easily knock out another movie design before they lost the rights.

    It is a nice repaint though, and I'm glad I got him. I'm hoping that NECA will eventually get the rights back in the future and continue making Godzilla figures.

  3. As much as I love this figure, NECA did miss an opportunity to paint the inside of the mouth blue to match up with the dorsal plates

    It would’ve added more of a “cooler” effect, if that makes any sense


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