Recroom Fall Guys, Gorn on Oculus Quest, New Facebook VR Logo, latest Quest SideQuest games & more!


In this weeks Quest Digest we take a look at a sandbox space station building demo called Among the Aether. We also hear of the fantastic news that Gorn is coming to the Quest! There is also new Cyber City home environment and I discuss a user made last man standing game called RecFallGuys made using RecRoom.

We also see a new logo for the Facebook AR/VR division. Will this logo be on the new Oculus Quest? Operation Serpens, the free action arcade shooting title on sideQuest is also getting a full release soon. You can join the full release event on Facebook.

In other news we see Echo Arena VR move out of Beta but sadly learn that combat arena will not be coming to the Quest anytime soon, if at all. Finally, we see the release of the archery game Holopoint and the comic book reader application Sphere Toon in the official Oculus Quest store. There are also updates to Gravity Lab and new DLC for Vacation Simulator. We then cap it off by looking at the latest SideQuest titles.


Intro: 0:00
Among the Aether Demo: 0:30
Gorn for Oculus Quest: 1:18
Cyber City Home Environment: 1:44
RecFallGuys: 2:17
New Facebook VR/AR Logo: 3:01
Operation Serpens Full Release: 3:48
Echo VR News: 4:02
Holopoint Oculus Edition: 4:43
Sphere Toon: 4:55
Gravity Lab: 5:08
Vacation Simulator DLC: 5:25
Latest SideQuest Games: 5:37

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Sphere Toon:

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