OCULUS QUEST 2 – The First Review.


I’ve been using the Oculus Quest 2 from 2 Weeks now, and Here is my First Review to discover together the second Generation of Standalone VR. The biggest Jump yet. Made of extremes, Good and Bad, and with also some big controversy!

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00:00 – INTRO
01:00 – PRICE
01:30 – IN THE BOX
03:00 – SPECS
4:16 – COMFORT & IPD
6:55 – VISUALS
10:03 – TRACKING

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50 thoughts on “OCULUS QUEST 2 – The First Review.”

  1. Let me explain why facebook changed the IPD adjustment slider. The original oculus quest hat 2 screens (one for each eye) this made it easy for them to add the slider to change the IPD. The oculus quest 2 has only one screen so facebook had to change the way the user changes the IPD sliders and the manual sliders were easy and simple and they worked so they used that

  2. The choice of fixed IPD settings sucks IMO. When John Carmack said that setting 3 will increase the FOV with black bars in the edges I almost canceled my pre-order. I didn't tho. I'll just wait and see. If it's as bad as I expect then there's nothing else to do but return it. Ist a bummer. Everything else seems so nice. So close to be the perfect standalone headset.

  3. By forcing their faceberg spyware(yes literally),harvesting your data they'll make exponentially more money than the 100/200 dollars they might lose on the hmd hardware itself. Plus they get to undercut the competition by huge margins. Plus they can just forcefeed you ingame ads, sell gamestreaming models etc.This is gonna be mobilegaming scumbaggery on steroids.
    Quite frankly i don't like where this is going one bit.

  4. I know this comment is going to get lost in the sea of comments but imma do it anyway lol
    Personally I don't think that the price is killing the competition. The low low price of almost 300 dollars mean that it will be quite accessible for the masses but there will always be people that want more. For example, high resolution screens or wider fov. Something that the quest 2 doesn't have. Just something a bit more.
    Nice video! Very imformative.

  5. Can I please win the Oculus quest to VR headset so I can give it to my brother for his birthday which is next week because I want you to listen to VR for the first time and
    He really wants Avia headsets but I can afford one so if I win this one I can give to him for his birthday
    And we can play together and we are

  6. Look man, your video quality and content is superb, but you have to seriously consider making your videos in your native language. As sentences were spoken I understood about 50% of them, it was not until full context was clear that I was able to get what you were talking about. Why english? It doesn't have to be in english my man, put subtitles if you want an english speaking audience on top of your native.


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