PIMAX 8K X PREVIEW – Worth It For The VR Enthusiast? – Everything You NEED To Know! Index Comparison


Here it is, the official MRTV Preview of the Pimax 8K X! Is this the headset that VR enthusiasts had been waiting for? How does it compare against the Valve Index? Everything you need to know in this video!

Disclaimer: I am calling this a preview because I am giving you my impressions of a preproduction version of the unit. However, only the audio part was not final, so this is as close to a review as you can get!

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30 thoughts on “PIMAX 8K X PREVIEW – Worth It For The VR Enthusiast? – Everything You NEED To Know! Index Comparison”

  1. PRO tip..: people should be VERY aware that the 8kx with standard earphones are inside of the black round thing on side of the head strap.
    also people should be aware that these black round earphones DO NOT reach your ears. If you have a big head the loudspeakers is 5-7cm above your ears, and 2cm from your skull
    Just saying its a terrible design.
    AND if you dont want to use the build in standard earphone/loudspeakers you cannot remove them.
    And if you want to use an external headset then you can ONLY wear a medium size cups on the headset, if you have a large ear cups example on ROG wireless headphones then theres not room enough.

    Im shocked, I sit here with the 8kx min my hands and I cant imagine who the hell was stupid enough to make this design.. Imagine earphones that is not on your ears but above.
    Also the back of the headset is resting on the top rear of my head and not on the middle or lower neck…

    My honest oppinion the earphones system and the system used to lock the "trap on" system is designed wrong and should never have been used for the vr headset..
    BUT yes its comfortable but pure junk in my eyes. Then the rubber band system from the pimax 5k+ wich is cheaper is better.
    Also the angle of the headset cannot be changed, so what you see in the video is the max angle you can "twist" the headset up/down.. I know pimax will send you free metal piece
    you can install on both sides of your vr headset then at lest the earphones might actula get near your ears and the rear of the headset might get lowered down a bit.
    Anyway I think they should stop the production and make a better frame and audio system its junk as it is now.

  2. 18:00 I actually like the Rift S built in tracking better than the light house sensors, is it normal the lighthouse 2.0 sensors make an annoying high pitched buzz noise because both of mine did that. I didn't end up keeping it because it annoyed me. Also the index was uncomfortable.

  3. Why do the reviewers of virtual reality helmets never talk about whether it is possible for people who wear

    glasses to use the helmet? In the Oculus Rift s helmet, this is possible. And in this review about this new

    helmet – not a word. Guess for yourself.

  4. Hi Sebastian, I would love to see your final review of the 8K X Deluxe. I'm anxious to learn how the DMAS sound compares with the Valve Index off-ear solution, and also about your final verdict on distortion.

  5. Thought it came with 2 headphone options. Standard and deluxe. I was under the assumption it comes with headphones. Did they update the software? Would you say it's worth the cash for driving Sims. I want the fov, torn between 5k+ for £350-400 second hand or £1100 with deluxe 8k-x.

  6. @MRTV – Here is a good question, without A/B comparing and lets say the distortion doesn’t bother you, is Half-Life Alyx playable on the 8K X at 75fps? Or would you rather play it on an index?

  7. Thanks Sebastian for the video! I'm wondering if this Pimax 8K X be setup without a computer and used as a standalone media player to play 8k media content streamed via a DLNA server (such as Plex)?

  8. What a terrible design for that strap. What the hell are those two black round shaped things on each side for? How the heck are we suppose to wear the headphones now with those black articulated things right on top of the ears?? And for simmers which i am, 75 fps for fluidity is not that great. I rather take less resolution but more refresh rate.


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