Nintendo Labo VR review: what virtual reality should be


Nintendo Labo VR is a fresh take on virtual reality gaming. VR can be isolating, but Labo VR is centered around quick, shareable games designed to be played with friends. You can fly like a bird with the wind blowing in your face, paint with an elephant’s trunk, and take photos of underwater fish. There’s also Toy-Con Garage VR, which lets you code and play your own VR games. Labo VR will work with Nintendo Switch games like Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which makes Nintendo’s belated foray into VR well worth the wait.

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30 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo VR review: what virtual reality should be”

  1. "You're basically sticking the Switch's 720P screen on your face, plus the resolution is not great and the display is a little blurry."

    Are you not just saying the same thing 3 times?

  2. "What VR should be"? I want my hands be free for interactions in games. I want to play the same time as my co players. So what is it all about this? Shouldn't this video be tagged as payd or advertising?

  3. OK, but seriously, real talk, am I the only one who started swearing profusely and cursing the heavens when she said that you could not play Pokémon snap with the camera?

    However if I think about this, Pokémon go has a photography AR experience. if Pokémon let’s go got some DLC, they could make a VR experience with the camera by adding a photography feature to the games that already exist and will exist in the future on this platform

  4. So VR must be mimicky? I am pretty happy with my vive and beat saber + elite dangerous. This is not proper VR.
    I own a switch and I am pretty happy with it without VR.

  5. "What virtual reality should be"

    Fragile. Disposable. Low resolution. No position tracking. Requires you to hold it to your face. No full length games. Less powerful than a cell phone.

    It sounds like The Verge thinks that virtual reality "should" be worse. I hope they enjoy playing Zelda one handed.

  6. Resolution isn’t great and the screen is a little blurry….? That seems a bit redundant but were you speaking to the art design of the games or using layman speak so people might understand what the not great resolution translates to?


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