Xiaomi MiJia 360 – 3D / VR Action Camera : FULL REVIEW & SAMPLE FOOTAGE


With a booming 360 degree camera market, is the Xiaomi MiJia the best 360 camera out there right now??
Lets find out!!

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12 thoughts on “Xiaomi MiJia 360 – 3D / VR Action Camera : FULL REVIEW & SAMPLE FOOTAGE”

  1. At 7:40 you mention "that 3D effect" with the software. I've not done anything with 360 video, but are you talking about stereo vision, i.e. each eye has a slightly different perspective to add depth to the image. Is this a typical feature of 360 cameras, even though they only have 2 lenses on each side, not side by side like a standard 3D camera? I understand both images are stitched together, but are two stitched together images created for each eye that has depth? Like you would see in a movie theater? Thanks.

    P.S. I'm interested in 360 cameras but rather new to what they offer and have been watching some videos on this particular one.

  2. Ahh check out life in 360 and 360 rumor youtube channel for more in depth reviews of this camera I just got mine and if you order from gearbest site get international one it's all in English not Chinese. Update the newest firmware which has fixed a number of bugs and the development team is going put out a firmware update by end of Dec to make the camera 4k there a few other programs to use on your phone and computer to edit 360 pics and video this camera also shoots dng raw pics


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