Virry VR PS4 Review: A Virtual Reality Safari App | PlayStation VR | Gameplay Footage


Virry VR is a virtual reality safari application for PlayStation VR. In this review, we show you some gameplay footage of what you can expect to find in the interactive nature documentary.

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  1. This is cool but this reminds me of an idea I have had for a VR game for a while. Imagine an actual experience VR game where you must "endure" varying nature/horror/mythological experiences that get more frightening as you go further in the game, each level lasting about 10 minutes or so. You "beat" a level by not taking off the headset or closing your eyes for more than three seconds straight throughout. The game would repeatedly try to get you to lose by utilizing jump scares, feelings of dread, and tapping into your innermost fears by putting you in the shoes of someone who is actually experiencing it. The beginning of the game would have no jump scares and the "scary level" would go up as the game went on. Do you know how games like Guitar Hero have tiers to separate how hard the songs are? It could be something similar to that. So using the guitar hero format for hypothetical purposes, here's an example of tiers 1, 2, 7 and 8 just to give you a range of how the difficulty would progress. Imagine Resident Evil 7 level graphics.

    Tier 1

    Walk Through the Park
    Nature Trail
    River Stroll
    Bird Watching
    Distant Storm

    Tier 2

    River Rapid Journey
    Zebras and Elephants
    Strange Sounds at Night

    Tier 7

    Arctic Wolf Attack
    Spider Cave
    Grizzly Attack
    The Woman in White
    Scylla and Charybdis

    Tier 8

    Insect Pit
    Deep Ocean Dangers
    Haunted Asylum
    Hydra Attack
    Final Level: Dante's Inferno

  2. Beware: It's NOT proper VR. It's just 360 degrees videos, (no 3D feel, just looks flat). It doesn't look as good as this vid makes it sound. I bought it based on this video and was immediately disappointed. The way Sammy describes it, he makes it sound as though this "experience" is proper 3D VR video, and that just the "live" vid feature isn't. But NONE of it is. I'd say AVOID at all costs. It's lame, and looks low-quality, despite being "captured in 4K VR". It might be ok for young kids as there's a narrator on it that sounds like they're talking to a 5 year old audience.


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