MSI Trident 010 Review: VR, FPS, Thermals, Power, & Noise


Our review of the MSI Trident mini-PC, including FPS, VR, and more.
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Product reviewed (MSI Trident 010):

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Test Tech: Andie Burke

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23 thoughts on “MSI Trident 010 Review: VR, FPS, Thermals, Power, & Noise”

  1. I bought my msi trident in march 2017, I was very happy with it until recently the computer won't boot up, I've tried to disconnect all cables and tried different sockets but unfortunatly it's still not working, this occured last week once and suddenly after half an hour it suddenly boots out of nowhere by its self, so I tought the problem was solved, but yea, it happends now all the time, I'm so tired of it…


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