Playstation VR Angry Review


AngryJoe & OtherJoe give their Review of the PS VR Hardware after a week of hard use! Find out if its worth the $400 Sony is asking and how it compares to the other headsets!

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23 thoughts on “Playstation VR Angry Review”

  1. Absolutely the most comfortable. I do not like a VR headset pressing against my face. The Quests really need a solution that allows a soft membrane around the headset and letting them hang from your forehead.

  2. PSVR is the only vr worth getting, lets face it – the majority of people who try vr a purchase is the first time they experience it and the psvr is relatively cheap. Sure it is not as clear as pc vr but for an entry point into good vr playstation has you covered significantly cheaper than the pc (superior) experience.


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