Brutally Honest Quest 2 Review


Welcome back for a Brutally Honest Quest 2 Review. In truth Facebook did an excellent job on this headset and it’s an amazing Value at $300. The review is broken into the following segments

00:00 My commit to authentic content (why no early coverage from me)
04:21 The immediate (minor) issues
05:43 How big is the upgrade from Quest 1
08:14 Should you upgrade from Quest 1 to Quest 2
12:26 Facebook Concerns



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44 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Quest 2 Review”

  1. I think all VR headsets should be wireless and have the option to be wired into your PC
    I'd recommend getting the normal elite strap but wouldn't buy the $200 (quest 2 elite strap with battery) that lasts another 2-3 hours instead you can just buy a 20000 mAh external battery for $30 that lasts 8+ hours then just either velcro it your headset or stick it in your pocket

  2. He forgot the biggest elephant in the room and that people getting locked out of there devices because of there social media accounts on day 1 that’s a serious problem and honestly I would like to know 1 gaming device that requires a social media account not a software account like oculus or Microsoft or Sony or that but a social media account that is a problem I have because while I am old enough to use the device I’m still below 16 and so my parents aren’t allowing me to make a social media account which sucks (besides for YouTube I’m allowed to use this but not Facebook or other stuff idk why but I know the last thing they want me having an account for is Facebook) and so I’m upset because I also don’t have a pc for pc vr or play station and I ain’t mega rich so this is the only possibility I had but Facebook said haha that’s funny but NOPE we want you to have a Facebook account so we can steal all your data and get rich and good luck waiting for valve or hp to make a wireless headset because there to scared of us muahahahaha yeah so I’m triggered rn lol

  3. If I do get the money to buy an Index. I'll record myself destroying my CV1 and posting that on Facebook. Maybe ill piss on it too just to show what FB is worth. NOTHING

  4. Why is the PC link cable so expensive. It's a fucking cable. With all the accessories that you will eventually get, it's not a great as a deal as you thought at first.

  5. Thank you for keeping it real Matteo. More and more companies are utilizing the platform and taking advantage of the viewers, I am really glad that you are standing strong in your stance on this. Keep up the great work!

  6. Honest brutality.. SO uncomfortable. Mine has very distracting GLARE when watching video. None of the THREE options fit my IPD. Im constantly re-adjusting fitment, trying to get a clear overall picture. If the usb 3 connector gets damaged there is no way to charge your Quest 2. Battery life is limited. An hour & forty minutes in-game, can go by quickly. Facebook can eliminate sideloading and dev mode anytime. Facebook may ban you and lock you out of your purchased content. You are supporting Facebook and all their business ethics and practices.

  7. The backwards change from fully adjustable IPD to LESS IPD and less adjustment annoys me to no end. The first Quest fit my eyes because I went to the max IPD. The Quest 2 doesn't even hit that max IPD anymore which really annoys me. I hate it when companies decide to do this crap. Even the new HP G2 has an IPD max of 68 where-as the original quest had something like 72. My eyes are 70 IPD apart. I wish Valve would release a new Index with updated graphics like the G2.

  8. I wouldn't be so understanding of a multi billion dollar corporation targeting an individual based off of a poor reviews/experiences. Very anti consumer. Oh you don't like our product? You're banned from all our products… Its fine if they didn't have such a massive market share and were anti-competition as well.

  9. The black lvls vs Q1 are atrocious. Have you compared something like dreadhalls, vader immortal between them both.
    Seem like bright games Q2 is a clear win.
    Dark / moodier titles very immersion breaking

  10. YT channels that got their Q2 early from FB are scumbags, none of them mentioned all the negatives, the ipd thing is utter garbage, the black levels are atrocious to first gem WMR lcd levels, the fov is a joke, and even worse tge 3rd setting ipd lets you see the edge of the lcd panels making it look like your wearing horse blinkers……..and none of the main YT channel brought any of these things up…….

  11. Seriously, when I moused over this video on the normal yt window it looked like Matteo slapped me like 4 or 5 times.
    Welcome to the channel, this is Matteo…
    I'm still making my decision if it's safe to start this video or not.
    I'm going to see if there is any ice for a drink first

  12. I think of there gonna make another oculus quest if theu do they need to make it a pro version that is either better or just as good as the specs for the quest 2 just with all the benefits of a pro headset that is more expensive


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