Real Customer Reviews: Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB


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Theres a lot to love about the Quest, and a few nagging issues. The thing looks amazing, something from a movie prop department. The controllers are reminiscent of classic SF space ships.
It charges via the included cord – really, really long USB-C to USB-C. Its just – fun.
Especially seeing the looks people have when trying it out.Ive been using this for a few days now, gone through a few charges, tried games and videos, watched Netflix and viewed my own 360 photos and 360 videos.Setup takes about 20 minutes.
It requires having either an Oculus account, or a FaceBook account (remember, FB owns Oculus.) Everything is done over your smart phone or tablet. Make sure your phone/tablets WiFi is on – the files are big and can suck up your cell data fast.
WiFi has to be on when installing the software, but not downloading – I made that mistake and chewed up a ton of data. I also downloaded the PC software, as the Oculus site links to is.
But the Quest is not one of the supported headsets. I can see the point – the Quest IS a stand alone gaming device.Gameplay: The tracking is flawless.
Its amazing. Truly immersive. Its difficult to NOT drop a controller when dropping a weapon, or to want to try walking up to a window to look out and so on.
The demo/training apps are a blast. I did not notice any lag or other issues. The Oculus controllers are basically a traditional gamepad broken in two.
Quick to adapt to and learn to use. Traditional trigger, bumper and joystick placement. However you can only play games you purchase from the Oculus store – $10 and up.

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