Real Customer Reviews: Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB


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This is an incredible piece of design and engineering and seems like a tipping point for the decades-long developmental effort to bring virtual reality to the consumer market.
V.R. has come a long way from Simulacrum-3/Sensorium to the Oculus Quest. We now have a device that finally provides access to the immersive experiences of other lives, fantasies, and insights into perception.The tech is phenomenal.
The Quest has two sharp OLED screens that have minimal to no noticeable halo/screen-door effect, theyve solved screen fogging, surround sound (headphones optional), excellent field of view (reduced with spacer if wearing glasses), four external cameras on the headset provide spot-on tracking and a setup of the play space that is both easy and surreal.
All of this tech is joined by software that delivers quality, engaging and fun experiences (50+ a week in, plus a slew of browser VR games – like moon rider – and films with the YouTube channel).
The mobility of the headset allows for immersive environments, free movement, and heavy gaming that can be brought with you almost anywhere (though complete darkness or bright sunlight cause some problems with tracking).There may be detractors, most of whom are likely coming from headsets (or expectations) that are much more expensive and/or which require tethering to a high-end computer.
I think this is the leading gadget of the year, if not the start of something bigger, like VR breaking through to the average consumer.

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