Quest 2 Elite Battery Strap & Case Review


We’ve reviewed the final Oculus Quest 2 Accessories: The Elite Strap With Battery (or the Elite Battery Strap as we prefer to call it) & Carrying Case!

The question on your mind is probably this: is the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Battery Strap worth the $80 difference from the original Elite Strap? And is the Case as good as its predecessor’s? It’s definitely a steep increase in pricing, but we’re sure you won’t be surprised by our answer.

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43 thoughts on “Quest 2 Elite Battery Strap & Case Review”

  1. What's the output of the battery pack? The charger that came with the headset itself is 5V 2A, while the Quest 1's charger is 5V 3A. I have my Quest 1 running off of an Anker 10000 PD battery, using the 5V 3A USB-C PD port, and as long as the Quest is charged to 95% or higher, then it runs off the Anker. Less than 95%, and the headset runs down instead of charging up. With an Anker 20100 battery with only 5V 2.5A ports, the Quest lasts longer, but still drains faster than the Anker.

    But now with the Quest 2…it charges while in Home, but stops as soon as you launch an app. It drained to 80% in ~20 minutes. There's a post on Reddit claiming the same thing, but the replies suggested it was his cables. But just like me…they're the same cables that worked on the Quest 1, so logically they should also work for Quest 2. Does the battery strap keep it charged, or does it drain faster than the battery pack as well?

  2. What's the warranty on this thing? What happens when the battery stops holding it's charge?
    Having owned an iPhone and played Pokemon Go I know even the best batteries fail sooner or later, and £120 is a lot.

  3. Um… just amazoned both the quest 2 elite strap and quest 2 elite strap with battery. quest 2 elite strap sitting at 50 bucks. quest 2 elite strap with battery pack and carrying case coming in at 280 bucks… nearly doubling your total investment as it is almost as much as the 64gb version of the quest 2 …

  4. I have several 10,000mAh batter packs for my Quest one, I'd rather get a standard Elite Strap and add my own battery, especially as I'm assuming it will last longer. The fact they don't tell us the capacity makes me think it not as high capacity as what may of us are already using (10,000mAh).

    Plus as I have several I can easily swap then as needed.

  5. Even if you don't intend to use your Quest 2 for more than 2 hours the extra battery is a good idea. The more you fully discharge those Lithium batteries the faster they die, so the battery strap would help to extend the life of the main battery.

  6. Question, does the primary battery stay at nearly 100% while the back battery drains, or do they both gradually lower at the same time?

    I just tried my battery strap for the first time and I’m finding they are both dropping, and that feels kinda wrong. If that is what it is I accept it, it just wasn’t what I expected. To be fair, my battery on Quest 1 during quest link wouldn’t charge upwards, but slow down the decline a lot. Maybe this is similar.

  7. I got the elite strap. I might just buy a battery pack and Velcro it to the back and use their super short cord they included with the quest to connect battery to headset. Save over 75$.


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