Population One: This is how you do Battle Royale in VR | HD Gameplay


Footage from the closed Beta running last week. Releasing Oct 22 for Quest and Rift, Population One is an insanely polished Battle Royal game, with building mechanics, squad play and cross play. This easily destroys every other battle royal game in VR. Here is some of my time with it.

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25 thoughts on “Population One: This is how you do Battle Royale in VR | HD Gameplay”

  1. Regarding the title of this video, please don't make assumptions. THIS is how we do it, for the simple fact that south central does it like nobody does. As you should probably know. For goodness sake.

  2. long ago i was cringing at the thought of this game working on quest. the things the devs would have to do to sacrifice and fit this puppy on a standalone device scared the hell out of me. seeing it here and playing it with others who own a quest its amazing how well it works and how similar it is to the PC versions. loving this game

  3. This looks bloody amazing. Hopefully my Q2 will be here before it drops. Is it just in Beta at the moment? I don’t know how my motion sickness will handle the drops though. Does it feel like your falling or flying? Thanks for the gameplay. Does it feel better to play with the gun stock or without. I find it difficult to use rifles as I have a damaged shoulder.


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