Oculus Quest 2 Review: The Best VR Experience That Won't Break The Bank


The Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook is one of the best and cheapest VR gaming and entertainment experiences you’ll get untethered to a PC or gaming console.

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You have support for 90Hz for better realism, the headset itself is lighter than before, Hand tracking is baked in with plenty of games and apps available in the Oculus App. You get 6GB of RAM and either a 64GB £299 256GB version for £399. You get double battery life on controllers, 2-3 hour battery life on the headset itself, and Google Cast support so whatever you’re viewing in the headset to a nearby display.

The Quest 2 opts for a single LCD panel, split so as to display an 1832 x 1920 pixel resolution per eye compared to the previous Oculus Quest with OLED panel.

There’s a change to the Interpupillary distance (IPD, the gap between your pupils) slider on the Quest 2. you now have to physically shift the goggles themselves over three pre-set distances, 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm. Oculus recommends a minimum space of 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet for room-scale titles, but you can probably get away with a bit smaller if you’re careful.


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  1. I preordered one and am looking forward to it arriving this week! I, personally, don't care about the Facebook part because I use Facebook every day and have done so for like 10 years. So that doesn't bother me whatsoever.

  2. Question: So my wifi at my University is awful but the ethernet to my pc is top of the line, as well as my pc specs are very good. If I buy the quest 2 and play an online game like Population One and I have the pc link cable from Oculus will that just go off my pc's wired connection through that link cable or do I still need a good wifi connection to play online games like population one?

  3. Answer the burning question NOT ONE REVIEWER CONFIRMED can you attach a
    flash drive and play movies 2D and 3D/180 off the flash drive? Answering
    this might save people a $100 and buy the 64GB if they attach 256GB+
    flash drive to watch their media on the go.

  4. Do you game on consoles or PC. I want to get the quest but feel I won't have the time because I'm busy playing on the Xbox And PlayStation, still got a big backlog of games to play.

  5. Great review. Would have been nice to hear little bit more about the hybrid capacity of the Quest 2 via the Oculus Link & the new Virtual Desktop update, allow us to get that PC VR (if you do have a decent PC) experience with 90Hz wirelessly that's a huge selling point for this headset also. Full access to your steam library using the power of your desktop to push the unit. Its actually crazy Facebook are selling this unit for £299, given the hardware & the crazy CPU they have inside it, they must be making a loss to push it out in bulk.

  6. Really enjoyed this video and the info you gave; you have a good pace and a pleasant tone throughout the video. You're very easy to listen to and articulate well; so all huge a plus for me and what i like to get out of a review video! Happy to have subbed 🙂


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