Star Wars Squadrons – Review Round-Up | BEST PLAYED IN VR!


Let’s see what reviewers had to say about Star Wars Squadrons played on PlayStation VR!

IGN review:

Polygon reveiew

The Verge review:

Twinfinite review:

Star Wars: Squadrons Review – Aerial Ace

Games Radar+ review:


29 thoughts on “Star Wars Squadrons – Review Round-Up | BEST PLAYED IN VR!”

  1. My HOTAS flight stick is now starting to drift causing my ship to vear right… I bought this months ago, just for this game and after a few days of gameplay, its now doing this? Have you had any issues with yours? Hate to buy a new one or take this one apart

  2. I got the game yesterday and already had 3 livestreams on my channel! It's awesone!!! it's the game I've been waiting for since playing xwing vs tie fighter on pc back in the day!! Gonna play some more today!

  3. How would the Quest 2 compare to the PSVR for this game? I'm loving it but the PSVR original PS4 is quite blurry. Thinking of a Quest 2 hence wondering if it would be much of an upgrade.. Thanks

  4. I am from the netherlands and i got it deliverd yesterday and i did play it for i think 1 hour yesterday on PSVR
    And it looks very good
    The inship details are very nice
    Also sometimes you get some movie clips in the game and they look like a big Imax Screen in front of you
    I play with the dualshock controller and that works good
    yes ships in the distance are not to sharp but the big Star destroyers look still good

  5. I'm so excited for this game!! Glad to hear the reviews are positive! I bought a HOTUS a few months ago, just for this! Now I have to work 40 hours the next 2 days, so I won't even get to play until Sunday afternoon. 😭😭


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