Star Wars: Squadrons VR Gameplay Review!


It’s finally here! We review Star Wars: Squadrons and how it plays in VR headsets like the Valve Index and Quest 2. Here’s how dogfighting in X-Wings and TIE Fighters looks and plays in virtual reality, and the differences between flying with a gamepad, keyboard and mouse, and a flight stick (HOTAS). Squadrons’ virtual reality support exceeds our expectations and is an essential game if you’re a Star Wars fan and have a VR headset!

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Correction: the ship at 14:10 is an A-Wing, not Y-Wing! Apologies for misspeaking there!

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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49 thoughts on “Star Wars: Squadrons VR Gameplay Review!”

  1. I recently bought and played this game for about a week. Finished the single storyline over 3 days. It was quite enjoyable. The multiplayer, which this game is really about, is not bad, but feels very repetitive very quickly. I wish there were more options than just dogfight or fleet battle.

  2. Can I just ask… 2070 super VR on the index with 120fps smooth and beautiful… Clearly you don't have that performance after launch right? It plays like dogshit and I'm praying for the patch but your review gives me hope that it did perform at one point. Is that the case? Have you been playing it on a launch build since?

  3. Two questions:

    1) Does the game permit a Newtonian flight model? I.e. can I be flying in one direction, and rotate my ship around to fire behind me while still travelling along my original vector?
    2) What is the sense of scale like in VR, particularly around the capital ships? Do ISDs truly look like they're a mile long? Does the hangar bay truly seem like it could handle launching multiple starfighters simultaneously, or swallowing a Corellian Corvette whole?

  4. At what point of video he actually talks about the VR part? 23 minutes of overall game description, I got here to hear VR review, how it looks in VR how it plays etc, at what time in video this is all mentioned?

  5. It has to be said- The VR is pretty disappointing on PS4 (PSVR).

    I don’t know what I expected given I’ve already played a few games on PSVR but the low resolution is crippling to the SW Squadrons gameplay.

    My eyesight isn’t bad, but it’s difficult to discern the difference between an X-wing and a tie fighter- they both look like white blur of a handful of pixels even at a mid range distance.

    That said, close objects and the cockpit is rendered really nicely.
    I noticed if I sit more upright in an x-wing I could see better over the nose which was a nice touch.

    Im tempted to build a nice VR rig as you have with an Oculus. Surely the higher resolution must be better.

    I think I should have just bought it on Xbox One, least then I can use my elite controller, which feels a bit more solid and responsive than the PS4 controller.
    It’s a shame there’s no VR experience on Xbox One.

  6. The constant movement in the video was very distracting and unnatural. VR to video does not come across well, at least to me, some edits on the different aspects to give context would have been more useful. The constant movement virtually made me sick watching where I don't usually get sick in VR. Constant head movements vice eye movements (kinda limited in VR) makes VR awkward at times, claustrophobic and not real. Will wait on getting this title.

  7. 12:37: That moment you realize you put together a HOTAS rig and you'd be much more accurate with… a mouse.
    I used to favor joysticks in flight sims but since the later gen of games — Star Citizen, X4, etc. — mouse and keyboard is just better.

    That aside, I'm really glad to see so many of the old X-Wing conventions make a return; power distribution, draining weapons, etc. But I feel this will be inherently handicapped by the need for "balance" in multiplayer. Sorry, but I'm old school. I fly by the manual and lore that dictated the Alliance had quality while the Empire had quantity, and that an X-Wing was worth three Tie Fighters in a dogfight. I think I can safely assume they made all TIEs far more resilient than originally intended, just to maintain the 5v5 PvP balance.

    And it'd be sweet if it had a mission editor like the original X-Wing came with. Back in the day I replaced the entire first campaign with one of my own.

  8. This game is not good on console. You need vr for this game period. The freelook on console is absolutely broken, you cant steer your ship while freelooking. Which is crucial for dogfighting. Number one rule for dogfighting is knowing where your enemies are at all times. I just wanna know where the enemy is gonna turn next without completely paralying my ship! How ami supposed to stay on his six. Ive flown on Battlefield 5 for a hundred hours and they had an option where u could change that. So sad that this one flaw is gonna make me return it because I dont have the money for a vr.

  9. So disappointing in the lack of tracking. Vox Machinae did it right. Yes of course a game pad or hotas is better but I want at least for my head to stay on my body in the hangar. With quest they could even track your hands without controllers so you get the presence of having your hands while using a HOTAS.

  10. Beautiful review! So we'll explored! I'm so glad Norm got to give us the VR review, very insightful! However, I will say as a massive Star Wars nerd: that wasn't a Y-Wing it was an A-wing.


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