Superhot VR v1.04 | PSVR Review Discussion


Not much has changed since release, and as far as we’re concerned that’s a good thing. Superhot VR is still one of the best PlayStation VR games out there. πŸ˜€

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40 thoughts on “Superhot VR v1.04 | PSVR Review Discussion”

  1. It 100% has to have puzzle as one of its genres. I don't think there's anyway you could just luck your way through an entire play through without having played it before or knowing what was coming on each level ahead of time without dying. There is times where you need to experiment and learn before you can progress. And because of the way this game groups the "levels" and checkpoints you can start out on one of the situations and really be struggling with it at first. Then after a few times you find the solution and after failing a later stage multiple times you just start John wicking yourself through those earlier level you used to struggle on making you feel even more badass because you know it was hard for you at one point.

  2. I love how some area's are linked in that U can throw a weapon towards the next spawn point (once you work out where they are), teleport turn around and catch the weapon you threw. The classic one is in the graveyard just before "last words" when they stitch you up without a weapon. SUPER…HOT

  3. I would play Super hot VR but I can't stand for long and would need a sit option I have played a few that respond to you leaning left or right in a chair but not as badly as super hot VR would require so the VR games that require you to be standing should display that fact in the buying screen for the Disabled VR users who have limited standing or are wheelchair bound who like simulator VR games like the VR mode of No Man's Sky or Skyrim VR as it gives a quality of life that a person has lost to disabilities or never had the lower half of their body working

  4. Nice one lads…I may try this game out .
    It's one game ive always give a miss to as the way it plays put me off ….
    Cannot belive I have been watching this channel for about two years now…even before I had a Sony Vr.
    Great work as always to all who make this channel happen…….

  5. I got Superhot VR in my PSVR bundle. It's pretty good – wonky if your camera is in a bad place, because you'll be reaching up and down to grab things. So make sure your camera is some distance from you.

  6. This is one that would never get uninstalled because it's so fun to revisit again and again. I love the mode (forget what it's called) where you try to last as long as you can in a location you choose, and can warp around to different areas of that location. It gets so intense. I'd love doing the level with the bar, hiding behind the bar having an insane shootout. One of my favourite things to do in that game haha

  7. Sweet! The reason I own a headset. Absolutely a 1.

    But I'm a little mad you guys didn't talk about the additional modes (I'm sure you didn't have time to play them). Endless mode is such incredible fun and those modes add a TON of extra content. Everyone says "Superhot is such a short game"… well you DIDN'T FINISH IT.

    And FYI… you have to grab the headset by the front. Everyone tries to grab it with two hands and by the back. That definitely could be improved.

  8. I hate this game. I got my psvr about 2 months ago and this is one of the first games I bought because everyone seems to love it. I've put about 4 hours into the game about 2 hours of that I've been replaying the same 4 stages over and over again. I can't get past the stage where there's 3 enemies in a small room and they all have guns. You get no cover and nothing to kill them with. I spent $25 to look at the the same 4 stages over and over again. My biggest problem with this game is if you fail a scene you have to go all the way back and do the other ones. I really wanna hop back in and try to do the scene I failed after I die but I can't I have to do all these other ones I got down to do the one I have trouble on. A thing I don't like that you guys kinda touched on is the throwing. I don't wanna have to worry about is if I miss I'm gonna be set back 3 scenes. The last thing I don't like is the punching. Since this is a slow mo themed game you could punch kinda slow mo and it would land. Nope you really really gotta put some effort in your punches. I have no need or want to look the same 4 scenes anymore so I pretty much spent $25 for nothing. If there was a mode where you fail the same level 5x you could just jump back into the one you keep messing up, or if you are really having a hard time and keep messing up the same level 10-15x you get an extra hit or spawn with a weapon. There is nothing for people having a tough time on the game, either you do it flawlessly or just don't play it anymore. #terriblegame

  9. 3:51 When I noticed it was all connected, I started throwing weapons to my future self before grabbing the triangle. So in a stage where I wasn't supposed to have weapons, I'd always have a good weapon coming from my past self.
    I remember watching an early concept for this game like 5 years ago and thinking "This is so god damn cool." but I never thought I would see a full game from it, much less a VR game. I'm so glad I was wrong because Superhot VR is one of my favorite games!
    Edit: it was actually 7 years ago. I don't know what was the video I watched but maybe this from Markiplier:

  10. i think the idea of feeling like john wick is an odd thing because you have to be skilled, i never felt like john wick playing this game but i do playing saints and sinners because of how much i’ve played that game
    idk if this is a point that goes anywhere just thought it was an interesting comparison

  11. I am so proud that I managed to get the Platinum trophy for this one. Completing the time trials required you to, not just get good, but get perfect. Then Hardcore, Headshot, No Guns, No Deaths, 10 Minute, I felt like I became a God at this game by the end.

  12. Chopping bullets in half with a knife in slo-mo is still one of the coolest feelings ever in VR. Not many VR games have a mechanic that never gets old like chopping bullets in half. If anyone knows of any games with "never gets old" mechanics, please list some so I can check'em out.

  13. I'm so glad you re-covered this. Dez and his guest did an amazing job but it didn't have the Bryan touch. Wait, how did Jeremy play this with only one Move controller? πŸ˜‚ This is a great one I keep coming back to over and over, it never gets old.


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