Theta Legion VR Review – Every other YouTuber told you this was a good game … it's not.


Theta Legion VR is a retro FPS shooter, Oculus store exclusive. I bought it a few weeks ago after it was on sale for 10% off and after seeing all the glowing Let’s Play videos on YouTube about this game . There was even this one video which claimed this game would have been their GOTY if it hadn’t been for Stormland.

I have a different opinion. This game is not good at all. This video explains why. Let me know in the comments below whether you agree with me or not. Don’t forget to like & subscribe as well … assuming you want unbiased reviews on VR games from someone who tells you exactly how it is and doesn’t sell you a pile of magic beans for clicks, likes, and freebies.


3 thoughts on “Theta Legion VR Review – Every other YouTuber told you this was a good game … it's not.”

  1. Why would you just wait for enemies to come at you? You have the ability to engage them all and run circles around them. I've never seen anyone play an FPS (VR or otherwise) like this, let alone complete an entire game like this.

  2. Hello there, thanks for your feedback.
    I've just put up an update which addresses many of the things you noted (see release notes below). Thanks again for taking the time to create a video on the game, your feedback was very valuable in improving the game further =)
    If you have any more feedback please don't hesitate to send it to me.

    Release notes for the update:
    -made snap turn faster
    -made smooth turn faster
    -improved jumping

    *Gameplay balance and AI improvements:
    -enemy bullets are slower and in return do more damage (to entice more ducking, dodging and cover gameplay)
    -enemies aim better
    -enemies don't loose sight of player as easily anymore
    -in normal difficulty enemies try to sidestep bullets if they see them from a distance coming at them
    -enemies also come at the player when they can't see the player but estimate the position based on seeing a bullet coming at them
    -in return made enemies loose knowing where the player is when not seeing player or bullets by player anymore for a while
    –> since all those changes make the game more challenging the default difficulty is now set to easy

    Ducking music while audio brief is playing

    -locked doors also show a keycard on them now
    -fixed some issues regarding some pickups visible clipped through from behind some walls

  3. I've been really excited to try this game out but the AI looks a bit broken. Based on the videos I've seen it looks like all the enemies just B-line strait for you and get stuck on objects that are between you and them. The sound and visuals seem neat and it looks like it controls well. If they could fix the AI this game looks like it would be an awesome throwback FPS title. .


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