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Skyworld VR In-Depth Game Review

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Skyworld seems like it would be a first-person shooting taking place in the depths of the space, but that couldn’t be any further off. Most board games in VR are taking advantage of strategy and ideas that are already being used in the non-virtual world. Skyworld is a VR game that takes its own ideas and its own strategic content and turns it into a VR-first board game that is exclusive to virtual reality users.

This game is played in God’s perspective, meaning you are seeing everything in front of you at all times. There won’t be any motion sickness inside of this game, as you aren’t going to be fighting in combat or dodging any bullets in this game. It is a not so simple board game that is going to be putting your brain in knots for the hours in this game and the hours after you are done inside of it.

In our VR game reviews, we cover everything you will want to know before you go out and buy a VR title. Our game covers the following:

Getting Up and Running 0:42
Type of Game 1:30
Player Perspective 1:56
Theme and Story 2:38
Controls 3:47
Music and Sound 5:09
Player Movement 6:02
Kinetosis 7:36
Environment and Immersion 6:47
Overall 11:20

Score Card
Theme & Story: 10/10
Controls: 8/10
Music and Sound: 8/10
Player Movement: 7/10
Kinetosis: 9/10
Environment and Immersion: 8/10
Overall: 8.3/10

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