ATV Drift and Tricks (VR Content) | PlayStation VR | Review and Gameplay


7 thoughts on “ATV Drift and Tricks (VR Content) | PlayStation VR | Review and Gameplay”

  1. This may be a silly question but i bought the vr compatible version and turned on the vr headset, but it played 3rd person like it would without the headset. Where is the option to switch it over to first person vr?

  2. This's on sale for under $10 right now and, I would get it as I didn't think Moto Racer was terrible, but I'm not playing through this in single-player to unlock crap like I did in Moto Racer, largely because I'm not even sure there's ANY new tracks (the rubberband AI is amongst the worst I've ever seen in a racing game too, if it's anything like Moto Racer). That's a really stupid reason not to want to buy a game, not from a standpoint that it's not something you should care about – More along the lines of the standpoint of 'Why is this even a thing'?


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