Batman: Arkham VR Review


Everyone wants to be Batman. That’s a simple fact of life. Luckily for David Scammell, he had the chance to virtually don the cowl and become Bruce Wayne in PlayStation VR, thanks to Batman: Arkham VR. Watch his chat with Alice to see Batman do a little dance at some point. It’s glorious.

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25 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham VR Review”

  1. it's okay but the story is awful and not very substantial. Everything you do is minimal and you can't even fight anyone. The mystery is predictable. These guys are being too nice on it.

  2. Maybe all these VR games should start adopting visual novel template (in japan you have those visual novels) then I reckon you could get proper games with VR.

  3. I guess this answers the age old question of what batman would look like in first person…..I am not impressed! it looks like an exploration game then an actual batman game where u do seemingly impossible combat moves to incapacitate the enemy….come to think of it batman prefers a hand to hand combat style then a ranged takedown with guns, you really can't enjoy that when u are in VR.

  4. OK I hate to sound negative but this is not going to be enough at all for hardcore Batman fans like myself cause first off I don't like how they said they r going to kill Nightwing off at the beginning & no u cannot just move around u can only go where they tell u to go & it's also going to feel way to short cause it's only an hour long at the most. But the biggest disappointment is the Batcave cause on the WB forums & on other forums fans were asking for a Batcave safehouse for Arkham Knight but instead all we got was challenge maps & race tracks. But finally they give us a Batcave but its in a VR game that is going to feel more like a mini game then an actual full game experience.


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