Nvidia RTX 3080 VR Review | Valve Index Gameplay Benchmarks and Impressions


Today we take a look at the Nvidia 3080 VR Performance and Review.

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15 thoughts on “Nvidia RTX 3080 VR Review | Valve Index Gameplay Benchmarks and Impressions”

  1. I have vive cosmos elite with my 3080. Since I installed the 3080 I have had tracking issues, like grey outs and Bluetooth connectivity failure. Have you had these problems at all yet? I have the gigabyte 3080 oc as well.

  2. 500% is overkill. The SSAA super sampling does not scale infinitely. About 300% is where it is very hard to see the difference even less for me. Do not let your expectations influence what you see. I remember when I first got the 1080ti so I could super sample Iracing. Many people were saying it made a huge difference. I saw no difference. Eventually a Iracing programmer posted in the Iracing forum that SS made no difference. Iracing had not implemented SS in the program. Even after the programmer told people this they still swore they saw a huge difference. The mind can see what it wants to see some times.

  3. I bought the Valve Index on Amazon Prime. I spent a month with Customer Support with Valve, Inc. in Bellingham. They told me to find a local computer store to try fix my Valve Index.

  4. Wow "smooth as butter!" That's one impressive GPU! With this RTX 3080 I could finally play Ark Survival Evolved on one monitor, and watch your YouTube videos on the other monitors with no Lag! xD


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