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it took us a while to pry Victor Lucas out of virtual reality to give us his thoughts on the lighter, snappier and less expensive sequel to one of the best VR devices ever released!
Here’s Vic’s Review on the Run of the Oculus Quest 2!

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31 thoughts on “Face(book) The Future of VR!? – OCULUS QUEST 2 Review! – Electric Playground”

  1. EDIT: This was a great review! Very thorough!

    I ordered one of these for my library, but there's no way in hell I would ever have one personally. Cool tech, horrible company. Haven't had a facebook since 2012…

  2. Thanks Vic for the support being shown to the VR platforms. It's great to see someone with your recognition talking up how great VR is. As amazing as VR is, it's still at an early stage and needs more people to recognize how great it is and start playing in order for VR to progress to much greater places. I think that one turn off point for a lot of people is due to the fact that VR is still developing and you see several VR options out with new versions coming out frequently. People just don't know which one to get because of the lack of news on them from the big gaming outlets. I'm really hoping that Sony nails it with the PSVR2 because people want stability with a big purchase like this and not be scared of having an outdated headset in a year or two (which is why I stick to PSVR). Knowing that you'll be good with your PSVR2 as long as the PS5 is out will help bring people into VR as long as Sony nails it with PSVR2. -and doesn't take them too long to release it.

  3. Having owned a Playstation VR headset since the day it came out and still loving it till this day, I got a quest 2 recently and I can highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried out VR before you will be blown away with how much of a step up it actually is. I agree with Vic in regards to allowing the exclusive games on other VR headsets, I'd love to play Firewall, Astro Bot, etc on the Quest 2

  4. now i understand your a games website but i wish SOMEONE would review software like i want to sit in my chair and idk watch movies or uses my desktop in VR? is this possible ? i want vr but not soo much intrested in the gaming aspect of it ..is this even worth buying if ur not into the whole gaming part


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