The BEST VR Out There? | Oculus Quest 2 Review – Judge Mathas


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The BEST VR Out There? | Oculus Quest 2 Review – Judge Mathas
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24 thoughts on “The BEST VR Out There? | Oculus Quest 2 Review – Judge Mathas”

  1. I here about the this being front heavy, and only 2 hour battery life. I see, a charge port on the head set.
    Add a portable battery charger to the back side of the headset. This would equalize the weight and give you possible extended life.
    Just an idea.

  2. I have a job where I travel to very remote places where there is no wifi. If I use it and download games and such with WiFi can I still use it when I go to those remote places without wifi?

  3. I was looking at buying a quest 2, but I decided to with the index, because of the fb account requirement of the oculus. Boy did I dodge a bullet! When I got home from vacation yesterday, I discovered my fb account of 12 years had been disabled with no explanation other than some undisclosed community standards violation. My only option is to beg for them to review my account deletion and send them my IDs in digital format! WTF? Screw fb and screw oculus.

  4. I got the quest about a month before the quest 2 leaked lol needless to say I was aggravated. But I still love it! Edit: the room scale ability of this thing is cool AF. Makes me want to rent an empty warehouse. AND you can cast the quests screen to a chromecast allowing you to see what the wearer sees which is really good for a little family party. You should definitely check out Ohshapes! It's like the Japanese game show hole in the wall but you do dance poses and it's really fun!!

  5. I love your tamagotchi collection but I would really like to see a Digimon version back there! They have a 20th anniversary one that looks like the OG device and it is only $20. I really think you might like it! You can raise 2 digimon at once and do tag battles.

  6. 15:10 – This is not entirely true, in actual reality the even screwed and made worse some of the Quest 1's features, like the slider of Quest 1 that is gone which was perfect for everyone, now with Quest 2 you only have 3 IPD settings which is really bad, also they changed the controllers and made them bulkier, bigger and less comfortable than Quest 1's controllers, I think the controllers of Quest 1 were perfectly comfortable, very natural to hold and they worked really really good overall, only issue with them was that their batteries seem to lose connectivity sometimes but that was it.

  7. with only a small chance of instantly getting banned you can get your quest 2 today! im very much against them forcing facebook. And being able to put it in a non functional state when they feel like it.

  8. I cant use this thing, the ipd is too small the quest 1 is barely big enough. Sadly I'm gonna have to pay 1000 dollars just to enjoy vr and get a pimax. At least I can use index controllers and can still play oculus exclusives without that facebook profile requirement.

  9. Imagine you had a Steam games account. Now imagine if Steam bans you, instead of just losing your library of games, it also bricks your PC. Then imagine any support tickets to appeal bans went through a chatbot AI which could not only decide to refuse your request without human oversight, but could flag your account to prevent any further support tickets requesting an unban. Oh, and also imagine there are widespread reports of Steam banning accounts without explanation.

    Welcome to Quest2.


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