Cybershoes Review: Improving VR Immersion Step By Step – The MRTV Review


This is the MRTV Cybershoes Review! Find out if the Cybershoes are the next big thing in VR immersion or not!

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GTX 1080ti (but will likely be replaced by 2080ti at one point, made sure to make this 2080ti ready)

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42 thoughts on “Cybershoes Review: Improving VR Immersion Step By Step – The MRTV Review”

  1. I was thinking in a Nano-Suit for virtual reality… like a Suit that ENDORSES when you toch a solid ;object; in game… I mean, for example. If there is a chair in-game the suit measure your distance to that chair and also, the Force of the colission by you+the chair…
    That also changes the degree of colision….
    I mean a suit that Allows you to even SIT in-game objects, or touch any solid object in-game… but the only thing that the suit needs to do is putting some kind of EXTREME PREASURE. in that specific space to allow you, to touch, sit, or interact with literally everything in game…
    Obviously the suit should be All-body like a Crysis suit.
    Again: I know is so hard to understand me, but imagine that you're with your headset in a virtual world, you're wearing the suit from head to feet. then you find let's say a wall in the game…
    then (the suit and cameras obviously scan all your body movements) so you put a single finger in the wall… then you feel a PREASURE… a colission between your finger andthe wall…. but not so hard just a little… then you put your whole back in the wall, sou the suit enforces all that SPACE of your back + colission, more the preasure more preasure… then like MAGIC, you'll be able to fully interact with the wall.. and not just that, ANY OTHER OBJECT IN GAME…
    feel the outline of a weapon, chair, car, or any other solid object…
    that will be an amazing step, but the next step with that amazing suit would be able to feel the different textures of the objects.

  2. I still think roller skates are the way to go, can't believe nobody has tried it yet. Its like the treadmill idea but instead if a moving floor wheels on your feet and i harness around your waist.

  3. Seems like a funny product, and it's very expensive… one question remains – It reduced motion sickness or eliminate it? I'm very prone to motion sickness… playing free locomotion games for few seconds and i'm done… If it solves it it's a big selling point, but still not even close to a good product.

  4. I think vr is good just a click in locomotion than walking or running you will get tired just walking or running for exactly for 20 minutes or 30 minutes .and you cannot finish the vr game if u get tired

  5. can you try to use the cybershoes as a treadmill? I mean like a strap to keep you in place in the center of the carpet, so in other words, can you try to use the cybershoes while standing?

  6. If the micro USB has any ridging its probably gonna destroy cables as my phone does, the better phones like samsung or new nokias have smaller or none ridging and their cables are fine.

  7. You forget to tell us what kind of chair you use for cybershoes?
    If you be so kind and give us exact model or link to Amazon store (or Ikea) for which chair works the best (like the one in your living room) it would be really appreciated.
    Also is the one you have are final design.
    I’m asking that, because especially the link to the computer looks like really poorly made 3-D print. Thanks in advance – Peter (Cybershoes backer)

  8. Sorry about this but…
    But for real if you could just step forward in your play area to start going in that direction, that would be way better than you looking like an idiot… I can see how these shoes could be pritty imersive but you look like a complete d wad

  9. Hey Seb, you should do a comparison between this and openvr walk in place. Walk in place is a free download on github. It allows you to move in game by actually walking in place. I use it on all games that support free locomotion, and it works great.


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