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Above all I would like to say is this is probably the best product I have ever bought from Amazon and have been extremely impressed by this product.

Firstly There was almost no setup, except for inserting your phone. From when I opened the Amazon box to riding on a rollercoaster or driving in a fast car was around 5 mins, and that includes downloading many different (free) Android apps. The instruction manual is very detailed and tells you exactly how to set it up and how to change the lens size and depth.

The headset itself is nice and light and features soft, perforated padding (similar to what you would find on a pair of high-quality headphone ear cups) so it feels ever more immersive and you almost forget you’re wearing it. Adjusting the focus and object distance was easily done with a dial and sliders respectively. Also, the head strap is easily adjusted with premium velcro on the top and sides and all these adjustments can be done in seconds, so it’s not a problem switching between different users.

Was pleased to find out that my S6 fitted in the mount perfectly and only had to fit the white line on an app, to the line on the VR headset to see a perfect image.

The VR headset itself is a nice size and can fit in your bag comfortably, so great if you want to take it on holiday or just on the train.

Finally, you might think that you could get really dizzy or get eye strain, but the lenses used on the 3D Virtual Reality Headset don’t cause optical deformity, glare, eye fatigue and dizziness and is harmless to your eyes so you can watch 3D movies for hours without feeling dizzy, I have used the HTC Vive in a shop before and I felt very dizzy after using it for 5 mins, but with this one I feel as if I can play hours on end and not feel dizzy or have eye strain at all after using it.

I also love how they included a microfiber cloth for the lenses and spare sponges for the mount.

It is amazing value for money and the material used is better than most $100-$200 VR headsets. It is amazing how this opens you up to a different world to explore from anywhere. In addition, it has definitely changed my daily routine (and now spend probably 30 mins -1h using it). Furthermore, I was really surprised at how responsive this setup is.




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