Jurassic World Aftermath Review – Oculus Quest 2


Jurassic World Aftermath VR Review on Oculus Quest 2
Release Date December 17, 2020 Pricing:
24.99 USD, 2700 JPY, 18.99 GBP, 21.99 EUR, 32.99 CAD
The Story Continues: 2021 DLC in 2021 to finish the story.

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46 thoughts on “Jurassic World Aftermath Review – Oculus Quest 2”

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  2. I wish people would stop complaining about these games only being 3-4 hours. For the price it's right on point. Game is a for sure buy from me. Nice review GT

  3. Great review GT. I am sure it will help a lot of people decide whether or not they want this game. I am a little concerned about the lack of combat but based on your suggestion I feel it will be worth a look.

  4. I was personally hoping to find some form of defense like a cattle prod or tranq dart gun something to level the playing field. But I’m also the type that prefers going in “loud” not very interested in tip toeing around lol still looks amazing though !

  5. fantastic review really informative and I especially liked your comment about the mic idea would be great to see that in an update or a sequel also I agree that some VR games are over priced for the length of gameplay its not like they are multi million pound blockbuster movies that are 3 hrs long I would happily pay £30 or £40 for an excellent multi player strapped onto to this tho

  6. Hey dude! Looks like a solid game. My heart has been won over by Ven though, and unfortunately, i can't afford both, so i'll just have to wait to pick this one up. I'm glad that it looks as if it lives up to expectations though, sometimes we can be a little too quick to throw loads of praise at games just based on their trailer footage, without first experiencing the game, and then end up disappointed.
    Sorry i didn't make it to the VR Link last night bro, i'd been an idiot and got up at 2:30am for some reason, so i needed an early night lol. I did catch up today though, and left a like on th video. Another epic show from yourself and Matt!
    All the best dude! Take care and stay safe man 🙂

  7. I saw your review on the Store, grabbed my phone and my God, I do not regret my purchase, holy h*ll thank you I have been a fan of this game since I was 7, yes I watched the original JP when I was 7, I own discs of every movie to date, my friend and I would actually theorize the next movie, we predicted the entire JW sequel with only the first, thank you so much for recommending this to me, this is why you deserve more subscribers and channel members, patrons, thank you


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