Ven VR Adventure Review – Fun platforming that falls short of VR's greats


Ven doesn’t have the intimate connection of Moss nor the constant innovation of Astro Bot, but it stands its ground as a rock-solid platformer that serves up a rewarding, if occasionally unbalanced challenge.

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11 thoughts on “Ven VR Adventure Review – Fun platforming that falls short of VR's greats”

  1. 3:30

    I don’t really understand the „this could also work in 2D“ arguments when reviewing Vr games. Why should only games that „needs to be in Vr“, be in Vr?

    Flat reviews after all arnt saying to every flat game they review „this game would work just as well in Vr as well“, are they?!

  2. I like 3D platformers, I like Crash Bandicoot, I like challenge, even bullshit challenge (there's not enough genuinely difficult VR games, I suspect this is part of the reason that Beat Saber thrives to this day), I like visually interesting levels which this has, and I just heard "45 hour campaign", looks like a deal to me.

  3. Too bad it seems to have these strange spikes in terms of balance and difficulty. That's one thing Lucky's Tale didn't get right either, with its mobile-game-like focus on grind and overly tricky repitition of already mastered levels.


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