Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Review!


We review the highly-anticipated Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the first VR game from Respawn Entertainment and some of the team that worked on the original MoH: Allied Assault. Here’s how this expansive WW2 adventure takes advantage of motion controls and detailed environments to bring this series to high-end virtual reality, and what its fast-paced action brings to the current landscape of desktop VR games.

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32 thoughts on “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Review!”

  1. For a AAA game, it sure does feel like an arcade game. And they're selling it for THAT much?

    Alyx and Squadron is still the top bar for VR games. They have to try harder if this is what they can offer.

  2. So far, the MP is pretty solid. The maps are pretty damn good, and some of the detail is truly noteworthy, but if no-one plays… it'll die quick. Maybe release a MP only version for $25-30? idk

  3. I just watched a walkthrough of the original MoH game because there's something really off-putting about how this valleygirl keeps saying "Shooting Nazis. Nazi base. Pleasure in shooting a room full of Nazis. Nazi bunker. Nazi Nazi Nazi." Sure enough, in the original game they say Germans and Wehrmacht. It's a subtle but telling difference in class between those who made games in '99 and some of the people today who clearly use 'Nazi' as a euphemism for people who don't fall in line with their contemporary political views.

  4. Given the install size of the game, and tepid campaign reviews, maybe it'd be smart to sell the three main modes separately at reduced prices: Campaign for £15, multiplayer for £15 and movie gallery for £5, or something like that. I think that would actually be a very smart move.

  5. Why is there no ADS, shooting looks like the guy has never held a gun. The gun even looks like it's on the left side even though it's being held as if it should be shouldered on the right side. In the part that you speak of the way you have to aim, you hold the gun against your sternum and shoot. I still doubt that you are enough of a gamer to give a valid review.

  6. ~I've already played a few hours, you should wait longer and buy it on sale, lots of unmerited hype, it gets a royal "MEH" from me; clunky controls, dated graphics, no surprises or innovations.

  7. It's a decent game, that could have been epic with other design decisions and better knowledge of newest VR development. That said for all its faults, I've had more fun with my 3 hours of this. Than I've had with the 3 hours I've played of Cyberpunk.


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