Final Audio VR 3000 Gaming Earphones – Unboxing + Review


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9 thoughts on “Final Audio VR 3000 Gaming Earphones – Unboxing + Review”

  1. I purchased these from Audio46. My assessment is that these IEM’s feels and look very cheap. The packaging is terrible. The ear hooks are very fragile and takes a bit of care when attaching. Final audio went with a balanced sound signature approach here. That’s what they mean by space image being perceived as intended by the creator. Its just marketing hype. Soundstage is decent for the price but the overall sound is anemic. Bass is weak and ambient sounds lacking. These sound okay as substitute travel earbuds on the go but if your trying to be immersed, I would pass on these and go with something higher end which will bring out more detail as well as soundstage

  2. I like the look of these and the ear hooks but I’m not a gamer. Any suggestions for something with a similar look that would primarily be for listening to music? Thanks for another great review!


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