Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review – Respawn's VR WWII Shooter


Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an exciting and often epic VR shooter that brings the thrilling set pieces of WWII to VR, but suffers from inconsistent pacing and a lack of depth.

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26 thoughts on “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review – Respawn's VR WWII Shooter”

  1. Dude your review is great for this, and because I've watched it, I know how to approach the game in a way that it will meet my expectations (which I think I WAS expecting the narrative-driven game prior). I think I would've been disappointed, but now I'm excited to play it for what it actually is.

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  3. Welp im not getting it
    Any vr game without smooth turning is not on my list
    Like jesus vr has been going for years why does every vr game have to be made like this instantly turning and having an entire different perspective in less than a second makes me sick same with most "comfort" options plus they RUIN immersion

  4. Yes, he's back the game look amazing and whatever, but in VR … now people who want to play it will be forced to buy a vr that they may never use again, that many people cannot afford a VR or basically they do not like or get dizzy (for example) It's a shit decision to do it only in VR.. And I, who have been a medal of honor player since the beginning, this seems like a joke.

  5. It's interesting that on the Steam store front its at "mostly negative" with most people talking about the terrible performamce issues which were not even mentioned in this review.


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