Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge – VR Game Review


Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is out now! Here are my thoughts on the new VR experience.

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29 thoughts on “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge – VR Game Review”

  1. Played this one on my oculus quest 2 after many months of anticipation and pretty much had the some review as you. ( it’s on my channel if you want to check it out.) there were still lots of bugs and loading screens like you said. the quest 2 is very comfortable compared to the quest 1 so i played this in 2 sitings. really enjoyed the video!

  2. I hope I get response but I know it’s called Star “ Wars “ but is it appropriate for kids I can’t find the age rating and I really really really want to play it but I know vader immortal will have death in I mean your droid literally push somebody off a cliff.

  3. The settings suck, the amount of bugs is unbearable, and the way the maps are created is mind numbing trying to 100% every quest. Id give it a 3/10 because the gun fights are the only fun thing for me

  4. Wow, I could not disagree more. I'm currently still in the middle of playing it and I can't recommend it enough. First, I have NO IDEA how you were able to complete this game in 2.5 hours. Maybe playing on Easy is where you went wrong. I'm probably going on six hours currently on Normal difficulty and I'm not done with the main quest or all of the sides. To me, this game is leaps and bounds above Vader Immortal. That was a straightforward adventure that was at it's best in the first episode.

    TFTGE on the other hand is a whole world. It's easily the most immersive Star Wars experience I've had outside of visiting the real Blackspire outpost at one of the parks. Getting to explore any Star Wars environment "in person" will always be a treat. Getting to actually use a wrist holocommunicator? Come on, that's such a cool feeling! I've loved getting to fight Trandoshans, Rodians, and Monkey Lizards. There are so many little touches that add up to a wonderfully immersive experience.

    I'd like to correct you on a couple points. First, you're not a smuggler. You're a simple droid mechanic working for Mubo. Second, you don't have to bend down to pick up items on the floor. If you reach toward an item and the orange ring appears, you can just press grab and the item will pop into your hand.

    I'd also recommend making sure you adjust all three straps on your Quest to make sure it sits on your head properly. Especially making sure the rear band is pulled as far down on the back of your head as possible so that the weight of the headset isn't all on your face.

    Anyway, to me VI felt like a stepping stone to accomplish what they've done with TFTGE. Of course it doesn't compare to Alyx. Alyx is a triple A title from a long established studio. Frankly no other VR titles hold up to Alyx, it's in a league of it's own.

    But in the general field of VR titles, TFTGE has been a great experience and I've loved every minute of it.

  5. Yeah Vader Immortal is way better, but it’s more Star Wars and if you’re like me that’s why you bought a quest or quest 2🤷‍♂️ The High Republic part is the best part of the game. I don’t know if it’s worth finding the collectibles to unlock it though 😬

  6. This game looks clunky as hell. Not super into VR myself but was interested in it when Vader Immortal came out, but this does not look like a good follow-up to that at all.

  7. I liked Tales waaaaaaay more than Vader. Vader only had you stand around mostly and do a thing, listen to a characters line, follow them and do a thing. You only got to use your tool in episode 1 and when you fight with a lightsaber, it's mostly throwing it once you get the force. Call me crazy but episode 1s dojo was more fun because it was actual lightsaber combat instead of constantly throwing it for ep 2 and 3. And there was virtually no challenge in the story mode.

    Tales had way more mechanics to interact with the world and feel a part of the world. The puzzles for the loot boxes are randomized each time as well as the loot, its randomized too. For me, gunplay was super fluid when compared to other quest games, on par and sometimes better than other games. I avoid comparing it to PCVR games because….quest will never get a native Alyx game. Plus on Normal and Hard modes, it's a real challenge. Inventory management is fine for me, you dont have to put it away by hand each time, just start moving and it will snap to your vest. I could throw 3 remote droids of my choice in a few seconds and be fine.

    Story, was ok, totally agree with that one, hopefully the dlc will expand it. I also dont want to just stay around the Jedi stories, we have lots of those already. Though Yoda did teach a powerful lesson in the temple of darkness and that story was very good.

    The environments I thought were cool, there is a reason it's called black spire outpost and I like the little design details on how the theme of spires on the planet resonate through the planet. We haven't explored Batuu much, but we basically know what Mustafar is all about and we've seen it a lot already, I like exploring the new and unknown. Although we did get lore in Vader about the planet of Mustafar, that was cool.

    I liked managing a lot in Tales rather than standing around in Vader doing esstially… nothing for a while and get little things to do and then wait some more.

    Also, chill fellas, just like Vader, I'd expect it to release on other platforms as well. I take it as a test run of sorts to see if people like it or not. If they do great, wider release. If not, cut the losses and move on.

    I also agree, dont get a quest just for this game. I do hope we get a proper open world Star Wars VR title though, but hey, this is a step in that direction and I like it a lot!

  8. Vader Immortal is what put me over the line to get an Oculus Rift S and it was worth it. When I heard that they were stopping with the Oculus Rift S (literally after a year its out…) and were going to do this game on Oculus Quest only I was pretty dissapointed. I am happy to see that the game isn't worth it, makes me less troubled for not having the Oculus Quest. Thank you for the honest review!

  9. I'm not too interested in this title but Disney has no excuse to sign Oculus exclusivity contracts. Disney of all companies does not need to scrape those exclusivity pennies off the floor while wearing their billion dollar suit.

  10. That kinda sucks that it isn't more like Vader Immortal. I kinda figured they had a winning game/experience formula with that.
    And yeah….Half-Life Alyx is far above and beyond anything else in vr.


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