VR Cover Oculus Quest 2 NEW Products REVIEW


VR COVER Oculus Quest 2 New Product Review & Impression of Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2 and the 100% Cotton Cover for Oculus Quest 2

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28 thoughts on “VR Cover Oculus Quest 2 NEW Products REVIEW”

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  2. you know what is sad is the oculus Go strap is better than the Quest 2 strap I have both and we were trying to see if you can play community games on both and the go is way more comfy, i`m going to get the elite and some vr cover products asap!

  3. i used the Cotton Cover on my old Rift and was quite happy with it (after cutting off the bottom nose part) and tried different Covers for the Quest 2 also incl. the new facial interface and foam replacement, which simply did not work for me at all. I can't stand the leather feeling on my face, which sticks to the face pretty much especially if you play for more than 10 minutes and do sweat a little. Also the "comfort" version just moves my eyes too far away from the lenses which dramatically reduces the FOV and i have an IPD of 68mm already. I may give the cotton version for the Quest 2 a try.

  4. I was so confused when I checked their site and only saw these covers. But I guess they still haven’t fixed the original leather cover…hurry up and take my money!

  5. Thanks for the honest review. Sorry if this was asked, but can the cloth covers be put on the Silicone cover? I assume that would help with the sweat problem and help block the light with the nose blinder. Best of both worlds, at least until the Facial Interface is released.

  6. Hi, I have just received Quest2. Is it normal that it image is sharp only in the center? When move my eyes around just slightly out of center sharpness decreases and it is very noticeable (I do not mind unsharp image close to edges but sharpness is decreasing very close to center). Also, I can see white streaks going from white objects (high contrast areas f.e. white text on the dark background I can see streaks gong from white letters and when I move headset then streaks move also). It is less noticible in games but I see this in menu and apps (f.e. netfix). I might have received the faulty lens and wanted to check if other have similar experience. Thank you!

  7. I ordered the foam VRcover from oculus almost a month ago and just recently it changed from open to processing so maybe they’ll be available soon.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Cloth and Silicone covers. I received this update from VR Cover about the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Launch when they announced the Cloth and Silicone covers:
    “We had a minor QC issue that we fixed and will launch the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set before the end of November in the US, and by the middle of November in Europe and for rest of the world.”.

    I’ve waiting for the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Launch since I pre-ordered my Quest 2. I think this is a big mess up on VR Cover.

  9. I wanted the silicone cover but everytime I check their website it's out of stock. I need to purchase it from their international store because I dont reside in the US or EU. And it's always out of fking stock 😂.

    Anyways I've signed up to their newsletter so they should send me a mail when it's back in stock. Hopefully I'll be able to get the new facial interface itself if they've fixed it. Fingers crossed 🤞😅

  10. I was actually wondering "Where the fudge is the VRcover drop?" but I guess they have a bit of a racoon issue to deal with. The silicon cover seems like a pretty good option, though. As soon as customer support gets back to me about my Quest 2 being stuck in USB Update Mode, I'll probably get one.


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