VR is finally good – Oculus Quest 2


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27 thoughts on “VR is finally good – Oculus Quest 2”

  1. I'm very looking forward to trying HOLOFIT on 7th January when it will be released on the official Oculus Store! Quest 2 seems to be the best present I could choose for my husband and me this Christmas 🙂

  2. Took this back after 2 days! Got Jurassic world an climb 2! Both shit after a hour. Headset is uncomfortable an leave a red mark on your forehead most of the time. Wasn’t worth £300 an would be in the box after a month for sure.. if you did like it.. you’d be running out of games to play in a day lol!

  3. "VR is finally good – Oculus Quest 2" – A lie ! I used my Q2 for about 2 months, tried different IPD settings, wore it differently each time and tried getting used to it but it just won't make it a better VR exeprience since the FOV no matter how you look at it is lowered than Q1's so it is not immersive anymore + its not so vivid colors of its LCD screen is reducing the 3d depth effect of it to the point it feels boring and magicless ! I'd suggest saving your money and buying Q3 instead ! (I sold my Q2 and am using my Q1 again).


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