Elite Dangerous On Yaw VR Gameplay & Final YawVR Review!


The last thing I wanted to try was space & flight simulators before I share my final thoughts on the Yaw VR Motion Simulator and today is that day!
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So in today’s video, I will show some Elite Dangerous gameplay, we’ll cover my final thoughts on the hardware and software setup experience, about performance, comfort, build quality, and in the end, my conclusion that should answer the big question. Do I think the Yaw VR motion simulator is worth it?

00:00 Intro & What This Video Is About
00:53 Yaw VR Specs
02:58 Setup Experience – Hardware
04:18 Setup Experience – Software
05:58 Motion Compensation
06:52 Elite Dangerous + YawVR Gameplay
10:55 Overall Yaw VR Gameplay Impressions
11:59 Epic Roller Coasters on Oculus Quest
12:28 Performance
13:23 Comfort & Motion Sickness
14:04 Build Quality
15:03 Conclusion

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– Epic Roller Coasters on Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2299465166734471/?locale=en_US

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VR on!
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24 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous On Yaw VR Gameplay & Final YawVR Review!”

  1. Don't buy, YAW spins! The chair should tilt, not spin.
    This is probably one of those crappy companies that dont realize that these chairs needs to respond to the forces being aplied and not the movements.
    Yaw does not feel like you are standing and the ground and slowly rotating, yaw feels like if you are being pushed to the side.

  2. I wonder if it works with the past game "NASCAR Racing Season 2003", am more interested in that…

    On a side note: I wonder how it will be with direct drive wheels as they are flipping strong machines (well, if set up to high % of course).

  3. how do you connect your joystick or steering wheel wires? if it rotates I don't see how without some sort of blue tooth. wires hanging with one dogfight would twist up and knock the wires stand over


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