Skyrim VR Review (2020 Updated) Is It Worth Buying?


25 thoughts on “Skyrim VR Review (2020 Updated) Is It Worth Buying?”

  1. Great video, friend. I bought the game on sale to play on my Shadow PC account once it's done setting up on the 7th. I was a little worried about all the reviews and stuff saying you had to mod it to make it worth playin. I don't really like modding the heck out of games all that much myself. Thanks for showing the game with 0 mods.

  2. When I got my vr it came with skyrim and never got to beat the game since I never understood the game and how to beat it since I always got lost once I got in a village and started a quest but yeah gonna play soon this game also u can't do everything in vr u need the controller


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