Top 20 Best Dreams VR Games You Can Play Right Now (August 2020) – Ian's VR Corner


Dreams VR gameplay has only just launched but there is already a huge amount of Dreams VR games on offer. But which games in Dreams VR review the best? Taking tips from other VR content creators, Ian Higton spends this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner trying out the top 20 Dreams VR games available to play right now. These are the 20 best Dreams VR games available to download, but what will Ian make of them? Find out right here in this bumper VR showcase!

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33 thoughts on “Top 20 Best Dreams VR Games You Can Play Right Now (August 2020) – Ian's VR Corner”

  1. I think I’d be headsets could track your eyes it would improve the experience. Instead of the in game camera tracking your head movement it tracks your eyes, making it more realistic.

    You mainly use your eyes to look around, not your whole head.

  2. Ok, the first 4 minutes of this vid should come with a health warning: Do NOT watch this section whilst eating your breakfast/lunch/dinner/pudding. Seriously, exploring the inside of a random person's nose, stomach and butt hole in one game?! I made the grave error of watching this late at night whilst trying to eat ice cream and biscuits. Bleurgh X-P. 

    Fortunately, the rest of this is more easygoing for my eyes and stomach. _=-) XXX

  3. 38:00

    "Would you like me to dance for you VR Viewingtons? Nah, I don't think you would."

    Umm, EXCUSE ME Mr. IAN-UH Higton, I don't appreciate you assuming on my behalf! Get to the sexy dancing please?!


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