BHAPTICS TACTSUIT REVIEW – I Can FEEL VR Now! But What Difference Does It Actually Make?


Here it finally is, my review of the Bhaptics Tactsuit – a haptic vest made for Virtual Reality. I am checking it out in Half-Life: Alyx! What kind of difference does haptic feedback make in a VR game? Find out in this video!

The BHaptics Tactsuit is 20% OFF in a Flash Sale until 31st May 2020. You can order it here: (unfortunately NOT an affiliate link.. 🙂

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40 thoughts on “BHAPTICS TACTSUIT REVIEW – I Can FEEL VR Now! But What Difference Does It Actually Make?”

  1. Yeah it definitely brings more immersion and seems like it supports decent amount of games so far. And i like it doesn't work only for being shot, but for example: that hearthbeat when you are low on health, or buildup when you inject syringe. Still i am not sure, if i would paid 500$ just for that! When price will go down and it will be more accessible to everyone, that will be amazing!

  2. Got the Tactot vest when it was on sale and I highlight recommend getting it. Met them and the CEO at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show. Tested the DEV systems they had; just the vest and head haptic. The final products are amazing and I look forward to integrating this haptic vest with my Magic Leap 1 experience I'm developing.

  3. I just tested this and it's very cool! Will be apart of my 2nd playthrough. I would highly recommend the arms haptics as well if you can afford it. I have the face haptic as well but won't be using it because it limits your FOV too much and to me that's a deal-breaker.

  4. Having played laser tag with like 5 vibration points, I'm totally convinced. The only thing that's going to be troublesome is all these bells and whistles, product fragmentation and lack of support and standards that would make these implementations easier from game dev perspective. Going full monopoly for one company would make it easier but monopoly isn't good either.

  5. Yesterday finaly my own Tactot arived. I ordered it because of Your anounced discount. You are totaly right. I also tried the Alyx Mod and it's soooOOO great!!! Hopefully they will develope more native mods because the audio to haptic didn't feel that god for example in Onward.

  6. Oh scrap! I wasn't supposed to spend anymoar munneyz on VR hardware until all my pre-orders from 2017,2018,2019 were delivered and now you tell me this thing is on flash sale for the next 2 days! Bharrghh!

  7. I'm tempted to get this to use with Onward and Pavlov. I feel like if it had headset and arm feedback I would be more into picking it up but for a lot of people like Competition Onward players this is a must buy.

  8. Already saw sale but have yet to purchase because my PayPal isn’t working so as me writing this I would have to use Paymentwall and I don’t anything about them anyone know anything about them

  9. Hello sir have you tried the woojer vest? I have that but it does not have an sdk to be as accurate as the bhaptics so far. Other people have said it rumbles harder but not alot of feedback which is better.

  10. Can't wait to get something like this for under $150 for just a chest piece. Maybe there will be a whole body suit for like $500 so your arms and legs get felt as well. Might get sorta heavy with the whole suit but who knows. I like the idea of it for real VR immersions. I just don't think price points are right for consumers just people who have extra money to spend right now.


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